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"Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve. You only need a heart full of grace." - Martin Luther King Jr.

The Bigger Game Experience - Are You ready to Play ...?

The Bigger Game Experience
"Ellen is such an inspiration and loving spirit. She holds the truth for the class to have a transforming experience."- Jan Jones
April 2015 Attendee
Are You ready to Play Yours ...?

  • What To Expect:
  • Activities & Games
  • Sharing & Deep Reflection
  • Tools to Get Unstuck
  • Become Empowered to Pursue Your Dreams
  • Attendees Receive:
  • Bigger Game Playbook
  • Discounted Price for the 'Play Your Bigger Game' book
  • Free Giveaways
  • 1-hr Complimentary Follow-Up Coaching Session

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"Negative & Positive, like Yin & Yang, are the opposite sides of the same coin. The challenge is to always see the Positive regardless of which side the coin lands on."– Unknown

This is your Invitation to create a Life that is more Dynamic! – Engaging! – Compelling!

This Workshop is designed to Inspire & Motivate Create the Life You were meant to Live.

  • Ellen Contente is a Certified Trainer licensed by Rick Tamlyn to deliver the Bigger Game 2-Day Experience and/or Half-Day Introduction.
    • The Bigger Game — for a team or individual employees — is available as a half-day introduction or a 2-day workshop experience. The training is highly interactive and includes a combination of theory presentation, full group experiential exercises, one-on-one coach-like conversations, small group interactions and inspirational video examples of Bigger Games. The Bigger Game for Organizations addresses the following:
    • Engagement — Unengaged employees cost organizations millions of dollars of lost revenue. Bigger Game asks the key question, "What is a compelling Bigger Game I want to be playing in this organization?" When employees and teams are playing a purpose-driven Bigger Game, they are deeply engaged.
    • Innovation — Innovation occurs naturally when playing a Bigger Game. We inherently become more creative, innovative and bolder with our actions when we are compelled and passionate about what we are doing.
    • Collaboration — A Bigger Game is only successful when there is an authentic collaboration among the players. Although there may be disagreement along the way, there is a deep commitment and alignment with the direction of the Game. It is in these collaborative conversations that new ideas are born and implemented.
    • Employees experience a hands-on tool to implement — and even welcome — a sustainable, positive impact, both internally in their own work environments and externally in service of generating successful positive results.
  • Self-Empowerment Classes:
    • Creating the Life you Desire
    • Become your own CEO
    • Presentation Skills Full Color    Plain Text
    • 2-Day Presentation 'Boot-Camp'
    • Plus, any corporate 'Training' or 'Workshop' may be adapted for the 'Individual' or 'Private Organization'



    • Testimonials

    • "I just wanted you to know that my communications center in Lancaster really enjoyed Ellen's presentation today ..."... more

      - Fina Damian
      HR Manager, AMR Corporation

    • "Ellen has proven herself to be a knowledgeable, dedicated and talented professional. With strong attention to detail ..."... more

      - Rob Luddy
      Former Director Marketing Operations, Peregrine Systems

    • "Ellen has a natural ability to make you see things in a different, positive perspective ..."... more

      - Howard H.
      Banking Executive, Rockland Trust Bank